Quail Lodge

Our Spa Review:

The Quail Lodge spa is a newly renovated, petite spa with a quiet atmosphere. It is located in the secluded Carmel Valley, just inland from Carmel by the Sea. The charm of this spa is that it is in Carmel Valley and allows you to get away from it all.

Our Spa Experience:

I was able to book a massage easily without waiting. You get the feeling you are at your own private spa and that you are completely alone. The same day I had a pedicure and because the spa is petite, the pedicure was done in the lobby. This was not a problem as I encountered only one other patron at the spa.


Professional, excellent massage and pedicure.

Hotel Review

When you arrive at the Quail Lodge, you are offered a glass of Bernardus wine and an opportunity to begin relaxing immediately. You start to feel as though you are the only guests at the lodge and that the staff is only there for you.

The hotel room is outfitted with a soft comfy bed which is made up to be as soft as a giant pillow. You sink into the bed and feel as though you may never come out. The feather bed is one of the reasons for this pillow like feeling. Once you lay on the bed, you may not want to get back up. Perfect for cold California nights by the coast.

There is a snack tray available in the room with more Bernardus wine and snacks including chips that are unusual and flavorful. More can be purchased just down the road at the Bernardus Winery.

Our experience:

Our room was just off the pool and we enjoyed snacking on the crackers and salsa and sipping the wine. The bed was divine and kept us warm during our cool California night. I enjoyed the spa the next day with a massage and pedicure. We ordered room service and never got out of our robes, we just relaxed.

Other activities:

There are many activities including golf, etc. There is nearby Carmel by the Sea and the Bernardus Winery just down the street.

Pricing: $$$$$

Quail Lodge
8205 Valley Greens Drive
Carmel CA 93923