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Microfiber Robe

Waffle Weave Robe
Aquis Shawl Collar Microfiber Robe
  • Shawl Collar Microfiber Robe With Generous Patch Pockets
  • Button Loop On Back Keeps Self-Tie Belt Secure

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Size S/M Microfiber Robe will fit up to a size 10 womens dress size, mens 38 jacket size.
The M/L Microfiber Robe will fit up to a size 18 womens dress size, mens 42 jacket size.

These Microfiber Robes Aquis® Robes, like Aquis Towels, are made of Aquitex®, A super absorbent material woven from ultrafine microfibers. The technology behind our microfiber wraps enables water to be drawn from your body more quickly and thoroughly than other robes, and it's luxuriously soft and cozy. Step out of the bath and wrap yourself dry in ultimate comfort with this Microfiber Robe.