Aquis Towels
Aquis Towels.
Super Absorbent
Light Weight
Great for Travel
Assorted Colors of Aquis Towels

Aquis Towel

Aquis Towels
Aquis® Essentials provides the most effective microfiber hair towels for use at home, the spa, sports or travel. Every Aquis towel is made from a unique Aquitex® microfiber, an ingenious innovation that instantly soaks up water on contact. Remarkably Aquis Towels are lightweight and luxuriously soft. Aquis towels are amazingly gentle on hair and skin because its super-absorbency allows you to softly blot yourself dry. Give Aquis Towels a try today.

What our Customers have told us over the years. The Aquis Towels are the only towels that truly dry in humid air of the eastern part of the country. Boat owners in MA use them exclusively because they dry on the boat at sea, when other towels don't. Window washers love them also plus they don't have lint. We even use them to clean our eye glasses.

UPDATE: New Hair Towel Colors now available. Black, Dark Grey, Sea Glass are the new colors. We will add more colors to more product lines later this year. New Adventure Towel Colors as well as Turbans.

Aquis has discontinued the body towels from their product line. Once we are sold out we will no longer be able to order more. Also the Graphite & Seafoam Adventure towel colors are discontined.

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Aquis Towels - Hair
Waffle Weave Hair Towels
Aquis Hair Turbans
Aquis Towels - 4 Pack
Aquis Towels - Body
Waffle Weave Body Towels
Aquis Towels
Soon to be Sold Out
Aquis Lisse Crepe Body Towels

Other Sizes:
SALE Aquis Hair Towels

Aquis Towels - Adventure

Adventure Combo Pack

Aquis Towels

Soon to be Sold Out
Packaged in Flat Mesh Bags
Small Adventure Towel 10" x 14"
Medium Adventure Towel 15" x 29"
Large Adventure Towel 19" x 39"
X-Large Adventure Towel 29" x 55"
SALE Adventure Combo Pack

The Adventure Aquis Towels are made of the same fabric as the Hair and Body towels.


Aquis Headbands

Exfoliating Back Scrubber

Exfoliating Wash Cloth

Soon to be Sold Out
Aquis Exfoliating Wash Cloth

Doggie Dryer
Aquis Exfoliating Face Mitt

Soon to be Sold Out
Exfoliating Face & Body Mitt